Lieblingsprodukt – Stofftasche/Versuchung – Plastikflaschen

mein ökologisches Lieblings-Produkt!

My favourite ecological product are cloth bags. I still remember when I saw these reusable cloth bags on sale in a German supermarket for the first time. I found they were a wonderful product. At the time in my home country, you could only buy disposable plastic bags in supermarkets – if you were an eco-friendly person, you could choose paper bags – but no cloth bags. When I saw them, I thought they must be introduced in my country as soon as possible.


Since then, I always bring one of those cloth bags with me. It can be folded very compactly so it doesn’t need much space in my backpack and whenever I need some bags, I can just take it, easily unfold it and use it right away. It’s much more durable than plastic or paper bags so I am able to carry much heavier stuff, such as wine bottles. It’s made of cotton so when it gets dirty, I can just easily throw it into the washing machine and it becomes clean again.

georg-gina-und-deine-mudder-jutebeutel-01          Untitled-1

It can be fashionable as well. In these days, many people, like hipsters, use cloth bags not only for carrying groceries but also as a fashion statement. You can find countless beautiful cloth bags in all shapes and colours.

meine größte Versuchung!


Few years ago my boyfriend bought me a SIGG bottle after I had told him that I feel somehow guilty buying so many plastic bottled drinks everyday. It’s a Swiss made, reusable aluminium bottle and 100% recyclable. Being made of aluminium it’s much more polluting to manufacture it than a plastic one, about 50 times, but the goal is to use it several times more than that, and I certainly did by carrying it everyday since years. 

As said I’ve been using it to carry water or tea but I still can’t help buying plastic bottled drinks because there is no way to buy some drinks, such as Cola or sparkling water, without using getting them in plastic bottles. I could live without drinking these carbonated drinks but who can say no to a freezing cold bottle of soda in a hot summer day? I’ve read that some cities in Australia and in the USA have decided to ban selling plastic bottled drinks but as long as I don’t live in those cities, it would be very difficult for me to stop buying them.